Today marks the launch of my website!

I’ll be updating this blog regularly with new projects and current projects I’m working on. The blog will mostly consist of my process through different projects, but also my thoughts and insights of news and such that relates to my work and interests, film, games, art, music, whatever.

Eventually I’m thinking of launching a store section to this site, where maybe I’ll be posting art, designs on t-shirts or on print, but I don’t know yet, it all depends on if I even have something interesting for print etc.

Anyway, I just want to thank Johan.G (KuGe) for helping me with the website, he basically did the whole website, I just pointed and told him what I thought looked cool and then he advised me how we could do instead and then he did it. He’s awesome.

So check out my portfolio, or my vimeo, or follow me on twitter or just contact me if you’re in need of motion graphics etc. and hey! Look out for more updates! Whoever you are, who probably won’t be reading this first blog post anyway!